Irish Gingerbread

From: Rachel's Coasting Cooking

There's no better accompaniment for a hot pot of tea than this gingerbread from Rachel Allen.

Lobster and Mayonnaise

From: Rachel's Coasting Cooking

Beautiful, tender lobster served with wild garlic pesto aioli.

Seafood Platter for Two

This seafood platter needs a lot of ingredients, but it's a great way to show your other half that you've made an effort. Perfect for a romantic evening in!

Chuchi Whole Lobster

A chargrilled whole lobster.

Goong Mankorn Sam Rod

Bon appétit!

Seared Lobster Tail

Impress your dinner guests with this seared lobster tail recipe.

Lobster Carpaccio

Fine dining at its best.

Hoi Nang Rom Sod

Pretend you're in a five-star restaurant with this impressive dish.

ClemenGold Sangria

A beautiful combination of sweet ClemenGolds with red wine and spices. Add slices of fresh ClemenGold with lots of ice and mint as the perfect, refreshing drink for a warm summer evening.

Strawberry Tart

The perfect summer dessert - lush Irish strawberry tart with vanilla crème patissière. Thanks to for the recipe.


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