The perfect bacon sandwich

Ed says: "Although for different recipes it's best to use different varieties, I think for this recipe, dry-cured smoked back bacon works best."

Folk roast chicken pie

A great idea for a heartwarming family dinner!

Corn bread

Ed says: “Beans and corn bread had a fight, cos beans and corn bread were out on a Friday night.”

Rhubarb Bread And Butter Pudding

Ed says: “Try to source your cream and milk for this recipe from a local farm if you can – the flavour will be so much richer.”

Beef Wellington with Red Wine Gravy

Ed says: “Rumour has it that the famous General Wellington, whilst busy defeating Napoleon, acquired and enjoyed French cooking skills, but so as not to offend or demoralise his men, he combined the delicacies of French puff pastry with the British obsession for eating beef. I’ve chosen to use English rough puff pastry as I imagine on the battle field it would be almost impossible to produce perfect puff pastry! Also, I prefer the contrasting textures you get when you use rough puff pastry.”


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