Witches Brew

To celebrate Halloween, Barefoot Wine has created Witches Brew, a ghoulish red wine cocktail that is perfect to liven up your haunted get-together and put guests into the spirit of fright night.

Homemade Pink Lime Lemonade

From: The Afternoon Show

Tangy and refreshing - what more could you want for a sunny day!

Jack Daniels White Rabbit cooler

This refreshing Jack Daniels drink requires a tall glass and a garnish of fresh lime

Dermie's Sparkling Summer Cava Jelly

This time of year, there is an array of sensational summer berries to choose from for this jelly and this recipe is just ideal for a super sleek summer soirée. Earlier this week, I chatted to Derryvilla Blueberry Farm who were celebrating the arrival of the first of their chop of new season Irish blueberries which are delicious in this recipe.

Elder Flower “Champagne”

This may be your last chance to make this delicious naturally sparkling drink. Elder trees are native and found all around the countryside and in gardens. The flowering is coming to an end but if you look hard you can still find fresh flowers to harvest.

Blueberry Maple smoothie

Bursting with berry goodness, this smoothie can be whipped up in only a couple of minutes, so it’s the perfect choice for a weekday breakfast when you’re in a hurry. 3 ProPoints values per recipe.

Swedish Mulled Wine

From: Kitchen Hero: Great Food for Less

Even kitchen misfits can make this!

Hot Buttered Rum

From: Four Live

If you wanted to serve a hot drink to warm yourself up, you could make the classic Hot Buttered Rum.

Non-alcoholic ginger syrup cocktail

From: Four Live

An easy to make, but utterly delicious non-alcoholic drink!

Elderberry Gin Martini

From: Four Live

This cocktail is made with the elderberry infused gin, elderberry cordial that has a touch of clove added to it and a little lemon juice.


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