Home-made Lemonade

Whatever the season, nothing is more refreshing than sipping on a delicious glass of home-made lemonade. This sparkling home-made lemonade recipe is super simple, and the perfect drink to whip up in minutes when having guests over. This sweet, comforting and delicious drink is a guaranteed family favourite and loved by all ages.

ClemenGold Sangria

A beautiful combination of sweet ClemenGolds with red wine and spices. Add slices of fresh ClemenGold with lots of ice and mint as the perfect, refreshing drink for a warm summer evening.

Morning Power Shot Smoothie

Model and food blogger Roz Purcell (pictured below at the recent Clayton Hotel Vitality Breakfast launch) has created a signature power shot to give you the perfect start to your day,choosing ingredients which help to boost your mood, steady blood sugar levels and relieve tension.

Summer Smoothie

Embrace the taste of summer with this healthy smoothie!

Pink Lemonade

The summer holidays are here so get the kids into the kitchen and whip up a batch of this delicious pink lemonade! Brilliant fun and a great way to introduce rhubarb to them!

Mum's Morning Smoothie with a Twist

The perfect green smoothie for Mum that doubles as ice lollies for the kids. Regular ice lollies are packed full of sugar and artificial colours and flavourings…but you won’t believe what our natural colouring ingredient is!

Beetroot Smoothie

From: Today

Sip slowly throughout the day.

Flax Seed and Berries Smoothie

From: Today

Lots of good stuff.

Melchior Mule

From: Today

Touch, toast, sip, savour and….enjoy!

Ballymaloe Spiced Beef

From: A Simply Delicious Christmas

Darina says: "Although spiced beef is traditionally associated with Christmas, in Cork it’s available all year round in the English Market. It may be served hot or cold and is a marvellous standby, because if it is properly spiced and cooked it will keep for 3–4 weeks in the fridge. Butchers often have their own secret recipe. This delicious recipe for spiced beef has been handed down in Myrtle Allen’s family and is the best I know. It includes saltpetre, nowadays regarded as a health hazard, so perhaps you should not live exclusively on it! Certainly people have lived on occasional meals of meats preserved in this way for generations. This recipe makes enough spice to cure five flanks of beef, each 1.8kg (4lb) approx. in size, and can also be used to spice beef tongues."


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