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O'Briens now offer BFree bread on menu

O’Briens Sandwich Cafés have teamed up with BFree Foods to bring a new range of gluten and wheat free breads to their customers. This new range consists of delicious fresh sliced bread, and individually packaged soup rolls to accompany the O’Briens existing Rachel Allen gluten and wheat free soups. 


From October 1st, O’Briens Sandwich Cafés nationwide have been serving this new sandwich option with great success.

David Zebedee, AIL Group said, This association with BFree Foods is a fantastic addition to the breadth of offer in O’Briens Sandwich Cafés. Our customers now have an even wider selection of breads to choose from when deciding on their sandwich option. We have had the gluten and wheat free soup range from Rachel Allen for the past year and we have seen how well this has been received by our customers which made our decision to put BFree bread onto our menu a very easy one”.

Alex Murphy of BFree Foods said “We are super excited to announce that you can now enjoy a delicious BFree sandwich in your nearest O'Briens sandwich Café. We know that there is a growing demand for gluten and wheat free products and we are delighted to be associated with the O’Briens brand”
In conjunction with the new BFree bread offerings, O’Briens has introduced Rachel’s new Signature Sandwich range for the season, in which all of the ingredients used are gluten free. The trio of new sandwiches in the range are:
·      Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich – with pesto cream cheese, mixed leaves and spring onion, olive and sundried tomato salsa  

·      Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich – with wholegrain mustard slaw, Ballymaloe Bramley Apple Sauce and salad leaves

·      Goats Cheese, Red Pepper and Sweet Onion Toastie – with balsamic vinegar, rocket and a Mediterranean salsa

The Rachel Allen Signature Sandwich range as well as all sandwiches served in O’Briens Sandwich Cafés are also available on BFree (gluten and wheat free) bread.
Whether Coeliac, wheat intolerant or living a gluten free lifestyle by choice, it is O’Briens Sandwich Cafés hope that customers enjoy their experience on each and every visit and that they can cater to every customer’s needs. As well as offering gluten and wheat free BFree breads to customers nationwide, O’Briens has also ensured that all gluten free ingredients are highlighted at the Deli display in store.
All Rachel Allen Signature Soups are gluten and wheat free. Each soup is available with an individually wrapped BFree soup roll – which can come toasted if preferred (please note that all sandwiches and rolls are toasted in the same oven). The new range of gluten and wheat free Rachel Allen Signature Soups come in four delicious and heart-warming flavours.
·     Sweet Potato with Butternut Squash Soup
·     Roast Parsnip Soup with Bramley Apple and honey
·     Tomato and Basil
·     Leek and Potato Soup
For further information, store locator and more go to

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