Whether you're a chilli fanatic, or prefer a milder kind of spice, we have just the recipes to keep you warm on these chilly evenings.

From noodle broths and juicy meatballs, to indulgent brunch ideas and hearty dinners, these are some of our favourite recipes for when we're craving a hit of spice.

Spicy beef ramen noodles

Arun's spicy Thanksgiving 'Makhani' meatballs

Donal's spicy migas eggs

Lilly Higgins' jambalaya

Ottolenghi's sweet potato shakshuka with sriracha

Kung Pao chicken

Gordon Ramsay's tuna katsu sandwich

Donal's jerk chicken with mango salsa

Poppy O'Toole's tikka salmon

Wade's Thai garlic & chili prawns