No matter the weather, we always have a sweet tooth, and with summer comes a range of delicious seasonal treats you can whip up at home.

Tucking into a decadent chocolate cake with a cuppa might be a bit too much on warmer days, but with plenty of fruit coming into season there's lot of inspiration to be had.

From freezer cakes and chilled desserts, to easy ice lollies and speedy treats, here are some of our favourite desserts to master this weekend and enjoy outdoors.

Frozen Nutella loaf

Iced strawberry meringue cake

Frozen yogurt gelato with berry compote

Neven Maguire's chocolate and hazelnut semi-freddo

Strawberry ice lollies

Cheat's mixed berry ice cream

Banana ice cream cheesecake

Chocolate toffee ice cream cake

Affogato al caffè with dark chocolate and hazelnut biscotti

Rachel Allen's Arctic Roll