December can feel like one long shopping challenge. Between snagging gifts, doing the ‘big shop’, and tracking down a farm that can provide a turkey that’s lived a good old life before hitting your table – it can be endless.

So, why not take a moment to ensconce yourself in the kitchen and get your hands covered in dough, your hair sprinkled with icing sugar, and your mind focused on nothing but gingerbread.

Here are some baking challenges to tackle in the run up to Christmas…

1. A colossal, intricate gingerbread house

2. … or an entire gingerbread town – if your icing gluing skills can handle it.

3. Ever tried hand making stollen? The more marzipan involved, the better...

4. Panettone – notoriously difficult to master, but think how smug you’ll feel having nailed it.

5. Macarons masquerading as reindeers (so cute).

6. Festive biscotti – just add a huge mug of coffee. Or resist eating them and wrap up as Christmas prezzies

7. Donuts dressed up as Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa – because of course.

8. A massive, berry topped pavlova with perfectly chewy, crisp homemade meringue is a thing of actual beauty.

9. Or try throwing together traditional Hungarian bejgli – aka sweet bread rolled and stuffed with a walnut or poppy seed filling.