We're not sure what season we're meant to be in these days, but one thing is certain: if you put food on a tray and bang it in the oven, it's going to taste good. 

Whether you're clearing out your fridge, dressing up some plain chicken breasts or creating a roasting tray masterpiece of flavours, textures and colours, there are very few ways you can mess up a traybake.

Banging a load of your favourite bits together and popping it in the oven to do its thing is also one of the easiest ways to get dinner on the table, so wins all around!

Fish Pie Potato Skins

Pilaf-Stuffed Tomatoes

Cauliflower Steaks with Turmeric and Almonds

Paul Flynn's Salmon Tray Bake

Neven Maguire's Roasted Root Vegetable with Thyme

Piri Piri Roast Chicken

Miso Aubergines with Tofu, Sesame and Chilli

Chickpea Traybake