If you're not one of the many knee-deep in flour, eggs and butter baking up a storm, Easter is the perfect excuse to try your hand at it. Whether you're a chocolate egg fanatic, or a hot cross bun purist, there's a recipe here to suit you. 

And make the most of the weekend by stretching those sweet Easter treats. Turn your chocolate eggs into a luscious tart, your buns into a pudding or freeze your simnel cake for a rainy day - lord knows they'll come!

1. Baked Easter Chocolate Pudding

2. Catherine Fulvio's Ballyknocken Hot Cross Buns

3. Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding

4. Simnel Cake

5. Easter Egg Chocolate Tart

6. Easter Bunny's Carrot Cake

7. Cranberry, Orange and Almond Hot Cross Scones

8. Delicious Easter Bunnies

9. Chocolate Sharing Slab

10. Easter Sharing Bread