In 2017, 11-year-old Constantine Elworthy did what all kids do these days - he started a YouTube channel!

However, rather than gaming like so many of his peers, he set up Cooking with Cosi - a cooking channel that encourages kids to get into the kitchen.

In the video above, the now 13-year-old talks about his favourite meal to cook, his top tips for first-timers and his ambition to become Ireland's top TV chef. By the looks of things, he's already on his way - check out his video with Lina Gautam of Monty's Restaurant below! 

The young cook says that kids should be taught how to make basic meals (with the help of a grown-up) so that, by the time they hit their teenage years, they can get into more "adventurous recipes". 

By learning how to make simple dishes, Cosi believes that kids will grow up with an essential life skill under their belts.

Watch the video above to find out more.