Now that we are past Halloween or, as some people see it, pre-Christmas, we are officially in winter. The nights are truly cold, the coats are out and the ankle boots keep getting higher. 

But if there's one thing to look forward to this season, it's the warming and nourishing soups you can whip up. Great for using up odds and ends from the fridge, and a satisfying way to feel cosy while also eating well, soups are undoubtedly one of the best recipes to master. 

So grab the hand blender and tuck in!

1. Thick Tomato And Garlic Soup

2. Ribollita

3. Carrot and Orange Soup

4. Oaxacan Chicken Soup

5. Classic French Onion Soup

6. Donal Skehan's Angel Hair Soup

7. Rachel Allen's Smocked Haddock and Cockle Soup

8. Autumn Vegetable Soup With Chorizo

9. Kevin Dundon's Seafood Chowder

10. Roasted Squash, Coconut, Chilli Soup