With The Great British Bake Off back on our screens, the evenings are certainly brighter, as our favourite bakers and hosts continue to delight us with innuendos, soggy bottoms, and outlandishly colourful shirts. 

Hosting duo Noel Fielding and Sandy Toskvig returned to the baker's tent with their usual balance of gothic charm and sunny sense of humour and, by the looks of things, the tenth series is set to take the biscuit.

Festival Week
Continuing their spate of new and inventive themes, the tent welcomed the remaining six bakers back for Festival Week, promising all things sparkling, spectacular and a little more excessive than usual. We mentally prepared ourselves for the sing-alongs, the tongue-in-cheek jokes and what we hoped would be Noel's tales of Glastonbury's past. 

Less to do with the mud and loud music festivals than with all things festive, the bakers' first challenge is to create their own signature festival buns, made with yeasted dough. Steph, Alice and Michael all pluck for hot cross buns, with Alice adding blueberries to hers and Michael adding Christmassy flaours to the Easter treat. However, early on he blunders with his 1:2 ratio of fruit to four. 

David whips up Bulgarian kozunak, a sweet bread, while Henry kardemummabullar, Swedish cardamom buns with chocolate and Rosie serves up lakiaspullar, a light Finnish bun. 

While Michael is criticised for his cracked buns, Henry achieves instant stardom as he receives a Hollywood handshake, telling Paul to shut up and cementing himself as King of the Bake Off Tent. 

The Technical Challenge is up next, with Paul asking his bakers to prepare Sicilian cassatelle, a crisp pasty of ricotta and chocolate, which certainly brings to mind all manner of handheld snacks we snarf down at festivals.

Rosie impresses the judges with her uniform and crisp cassatelle, wining the Technical, while Alice and Michael fold under pressure and come out last. 

Finally, bakers are asked to prepare their Showstoppers, tackling the festive Kueh Lapis, a Malaysian celebration cake known by its many layers in a range of colours. Michael jumps on the colourful angle, turning his creation into a Jamaican flag, while David creates a sculptural cake meant to represent the two judges: colour for Prue and understated monochrome for Paul. 

Star Baker
As if the Hollywood handshake wasn't enough, Henry was named Star Baker for his Kueh Lapis, to the delight of seemingly all of Twitter. 

Sent home
Despite charming viewers across the world and winning the judges over with his clever and colourful Indian-inspired bakes, it was fan favourite Michael who was sent home this week.

Having nabbed one Hollywood handshake and the hearts of countless viewers, he left the tent laughing and as one of the show's strongest bakers. 

The only thing sweeter than cuddling up for an episode of the Bake Off is catching up on the hot-takes, declarations of love and the conspiracy theories that go down on Twitter. Here are our favourites: 


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