In times of stress, do you find yourself scrolling through videos of dogs on Instagram? Do you routinely go to the Thoughts of Dog Twitter account to reaffirm your faith in humanity? Do you lose your train of thought the moment you spot a dog on the street? 

If so, today is for you and all the puppies you've loved before - it's International Dog Day! 

If you're lucky enough to share your life with a lovable pup, you'll no doubt hate being separated from them for any reason, and if you don't have a dog in your life, we bet you want more. 

Thankfully, many fine coffee and eating establishments around the city have wisened up to the fact that no matter how good your coffee and baked goods are, they can always be improved by the presence of a dog, padding around your café. 

So here are our picks of five of the best dog-friendly cafés in Dublin, of which there are seemingly more every month, so you can make the most of every stolen moment, coffee in one hand, the paw of a very good boy in the other. 

1. The Dog House, Howth

Lads, look, this is where the dogs go to hang out so if you want to hang out with dogs, you could do worse than a place literally called The Dog House. Is it a bar? Is it a restaurant? Is it a café? It frankly doesn't matter because it's a place for dogs. 

Located right beside Howth station, it's a curiosity in and of itself, decorated like a bohemian bedroom torn asunder, with plush beds beckoning and fairy lights wound around the trees dotting the seating area. Ideal for a restorative coffee and chill after a hike through the Howth mountains, curl up with your pup, a pizza and some quality time. 

We especially love how much the tearoom leans into the dog theme, calling its starters "Scooby snacks" and featuring a range of pizzas with cheeky dog-themed names. 

2. Love Supreme

Being dog-friendly is so central to Love Supreme, the revered café perched at the top of Stoneybatter, that you will find dog treats for sale alongside coffee filters and beans. 

Owned by proud dog lovers, with their dog Marvin featuring prominently on their Instagram account, the café is a true neighbourhood landmark, respected the city over for its excellent coffee, moreish homemade sausage rolls and decadent pastries. 

Grab a window seat, a flaky almond croissant and an Americano and watch the locals flit by. 

3. Two Pups 

No need to be wary of false advertising here, as visiting this beloved Francis Street café will likely include a sighting of - if not a cuddle from - two actual pups. And if that wasn't enticing enough, you're likely to find some of the most inventive, delicious and surprising café food in Dublin in this charming nook. 

Over the past few years, they've managed to add glamour to porridge by adding luscious toppings like caramelised bananas, and their avocado on toast with peanut butter is one of those it-shouldn't-work-but-it-does dishes that ensure people come back. 

4. Storyboard 

For something a little more fancy than your typical brunch this weekend, Storyboard has been consistently serving up imaginative food as bright as the yellow chairs arranged outside.

Slightly out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre and just a few minutes walk from IMMA, this minimalist glass cubbyhole is the ideal spot for a truly decadent treat with your pooch. Focusing on seasonal produce and headed by Laura Caulwell of the Fumbally and Clanbrassil house, it doles out premium restaurant-quality café food like no one's business. 

Choose from kale kimchi pancakes, beets and figs on toast or parmesan scrambled egg and try to resist sharing nibbles with the four-footed friends around you.  

5. Urbanity 

With a menu designed to cater to as many people as possible, with its flexitarian menu, it's no wonder that the team behind one of Smithfield's most exciting cafés is as accommodating to dogs as to people. They even hosted a dog-friendly wedding reception recently!

Blending restaurant quality flavours and textures with the kind of accessible presentation of a café, Urbanity continues to wow with its seasonal and diverse menu. Think vibrant colours, surprising textures and a firm focus on seasonal produce, like in their pineapple tacos with watermelon salad. 

Even better, they roast their coffee on site, making for one of the most delicious blends in Smithfield and that's saying something.