Do you struggle to make scrambled eggs? Do you balk at herbs and spices, confounded by what goes with what? Are you the kind to joke "I'd burn cereal"? Well, you're not alone: Amy Huberman is trying to get better at cooking, too. 

The actress and writer is beloved on Instagram for her playful humour and for never taking herself too seriously, and cliche as it sounds, it's always nice to be reminded that celebs are just like us! 

Case in point, the mystery bake Huberman was trying to prepare last night. 

Posting on Instagram last night, Huberman shared a snap of a casserole dish, the contents of which were unfortunately blackened beyond recognition - though we did spot a hint of green veg in there. 

Writing about her cooking, she joked: "This dinner is so easy to achieve! Simply make the dinner, place it in the oven and then completely forget about it. And then remember way too late & order pizza. Voila!" 

When asked in the comments what it was supposed to be, Huberman deadpanned "edible". 

In a follow up post, the actress held a charred chunk of the bake aloft, writing "And the great news is you can use the entire burnt top as a frisbee to pass the time while you wait for the pizza. Please stay tuned for more of my signature dishes". 

Adding to the joke were comments from Huberman's close mate Laura Whitmore who wrote "Loving your work!" Same, Laura. Same. 

Rounding off her culinary adventures was a helpful guide on how to clean up after your cooking misshaps, in a typically no-nonsense way. Huberman posted a photo of the casserole dish in the sink, writing: "And then you just leave the dish soaking in the sink until probably November, and you're all done!" 

The UK can have Mrs Hinch, but we think Mrs Huberman has something to offer the cleaning influencer world.