We know, it was a shock to us too, but it is possible to take really good photos of food without immediately uploading them to Instagram.

With 9,000 entries from 77 different countries, the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards has now presented the cream of its culinary crop.

These food-based beauties will have you salivating over their superb lighting, powerful imagery, and exquisite composition.

1. Big Cauldron Surface – overall winner

Noodles in a large cauldron
(Jianhui Liao/PA)

This steamy snap by Jianhui Liao shows villagers in traditional Qing costumes celebrating the birthday of Nüwa – the maternal goddess of Chinese mythology – with a giant cauldron of noodles in the town square.

2. Cow Tantrum – winner, politics of food

Reluctant cow
(Martin Chamberlain/PA)

A recent purchase in an Omani market, this cow seemed to know what was coming. According to photographer Martin Chamberlain, the reluctant animal dug its hooves into the ground and collapsed onto the pavement, as if staging a sit-in against its fate.

3. Red Octopus – winner, production paradise previously published

Red Octopus
(Cosimo Barletta/PA)

If this photo makes you feel faintly uncomfortable, that’s because it’s supposed to. It doesn’t need much context, and photographer Cosimo Barletta doesn’t provide much: "When you release the kraken on the table," he says, simply, "you never know what might happen."

4. Harvesting Gold – winner, bring home the harvest

The harvest
(Kazi Mushfiq Hossain/PA)

Part agricultural snapshot, part work of abstract art, this image of colourful contrasts depicts farmers hauling in the rice crop, and was taken by Bangladeshi photographer Kazi Mushfiq.

5. Pumpkins at Sunrise – winner, food in the field

Pumpkins at sunrise
(Andrew Newey/PA)

An atmospheric image of an otherwise colourful food, Andrew Newey caught this New Forest pumpkin crop framed against the morning mist. Not until now did we fully understand the ethereal association between pumpkins and Halloween.

6. Rishu Kesarwale – winner, street food

Rishu Kesarwale
(Debdatta Chakraborty/PA)

A slice of life in the Indian city of Allahabad, Debdatta Chakraborty captured an intimate portrait of an ordinary street-seller going about his work. Rishu Kesarwale inherited his stall from his father, and serves his clientele a mixture of milk, yogurt, cheese and masala chai.

7. Broken Egg – winner, Fujifilm award for innovation

Broken egg
(Michael Hedge/PA)

An image for the plastic pollution era, this hi-concept work by Michael Hedge is part of a series exploring "the delicate relationship between food, farming, and the countryside."