Now in its third season, Tastes Like Home is back and delving ever deeper into the lives of people living abroad, tradition and the food that roots us to home.

In tonight's episode, Catherine meets Lorcan and Betty as they cycle down the Mayo Greenway, hearing all about their daughter Colleen who has lived in Larnaka, Cyprus for the past four years. She lives there with her husband Julian and their twin daughters. 

They quickly get to work unpacking Colleen's connection to home through food, as Lorcan rustles up the dish that reminds Colleen of home in Castlebar: Honey Glazed Ham, parsley sauce, buttery mash and baby carrots.

In her childhood, they first lived in Toronto Canada before her parents returned home to run a restaurant and nightclub and it’s this dish that reminds Colleen of the era in her life, as it was always one of the restaurant specials her dad Lorcan the chef would cook.

Jetting over to balmy Cyprus, Catherine travels to Larkana and meets with Collen and a tour guide who gives her a tour of the famous Medieval Castle of Larna. They then soak up the sun at Kastella Beach before sampling some of the Cypriot signature dishes of Red Mullet & Gilt-head Sea bream at one of the many fish taverns on the beach.

To find out more about Cyprus’s culinary scene, Catherine and Colleen take a food tour to taste Stifado (a slow cooked beef dish with onions), Kleftiko (slow roasted lamb with potatoes) and Galaktoboureko, a traditional Greek dessert made with layers of delicate phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with creamy custard and doused in a fragrant syrup.

Then they head to hills to learn how to make the local Cypriot cheese - halloumi by visiting a local café where it’s still traditionally made.

Then it’s time for Catherine to cook up Lorcan’s ham dish with all the trimmings - but will it Taste Like Home for Colleen?