Each week on Donal's Meals in Minutes, Mr. Skehan shows us how to make hearty meals with simple ingredients mixed with store cupboard staples that will go down a treat with all the family.

This week, he shows us the prep-ahead dishes he keeps on rotation in his house, whipping up dishes that are quick, nutritious and delicious. He also chatted to us about what he makes of American food culture vs Irish, and some of the stranger things he's eaten Stateside. Watch the video above.

Finding those food stories

"American food culture is quite a mixed one anyway, because you have this diverse thing of fast food being shovelled down your neck from TV ads to billboards and everything in between. But actually, if you've your ear to the ground you can come across some really great food stories." 

"Coming from Ireland, where we have this really great knowledge of where our food comes from, we have passionate food producer who are creating really gorgeous products and we're celebrating that on menus.

"You certainly see that in Los Angeles but you have to seek it out. If you're interested in food, you'll have that interest anyway." 

Hyper aware

Some of the places we go to have that and a little bit more. They're hyper aware of these things. There's one restaurant we go to called Honey Hi and it's big on health food. It's not completely vegetarian or vegan but they have adaptogen teas where it's like chaga mushroom and all of these health benefits, and mochi pancakes. 

I would say it's one of the food trends coming our way and we're probably already seeing it in Ireland a little bit, but it's that idea of food that's indulgent but that has more health benefits than just a veggie-based meal." 

Fantastic experiences and where to find them

As a food lover, I'm interested in every aspect of it. The kitsch sort of stuff I'm always intrigued and interested by. We went to this night market called 636 Night Market, and it's a sort of Asian street food market and it happens every year. 

I know what good food is and what good food isn't, and it's not always great food at those things but if anything there are these amazing experiences and you might not get great food at it but you'll certainly come away with a really fantastic experience."

On tonight's Meals in Minutes, Donal will whip up:

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