It’s the age-old question, dividing families and acquaintances for centuries. How do you make your porridge?

Water or milk? How about some cinnamon or berries? Who better to give a definite answer than the current World Porridge Making Champion, Ellinor Persson from Sweden.

Ellinor brought in her hot plate and golden spurtle to show Ray D’Arcy the best way to make a bowl of porridge. She’s team water all the way, with a dash of orange juice to top it off.

Ellinor says that when she’s making porridge she tries to "taste it a lot" to make sure things are going according to plan. As somewhat of a porridge aficionado himself, what did Ray make of her offering?

"Not as good as mine. But nice." Good man, Ray.

Judge for yourself by watching below and listen back to the whole programme above.