Irish born, LA-based, Chef Stuart O'Keefe attended Taste of Dublin earlier this month. We caught up with the foodie to find out his ultimate recipe for BBQs this Summer. Stuart says that his dish is foolproof.

"Get two sheets of tinfoil, then put asparagus or broccoli or like summer squash on the base. Then you put your protein whether it be chicken or salmon, I like salmon, and then get rosé*."

"I put a quarter cup of rosé wine, salt and pepper and lemon, thyme and just close it up, put it on the grill and close it down for about seven minutes. You've got a perfect little summer meal"

Stuart recently posted a quick video of his Salmon and Rosé recipe on Twitter which you can watch below:

"Rose and Salmon. Who's making this this weekend? #food #yum #grilling"