You're on board to work with new EU co-funded Lamb - Tasty Easy Fun campaign - what excites you about it, food wise?

I've been working as a professional chef for more than half of my life and I am used to creating my own recipes. It's a nice change that I'll be trying out something new and that someone else has created. It's been a while since I've followed someone else's recipe so it's exciting in that sense. I'm also very excited to be working with lamb - it's one of my favourite meats and Irish lamb is unbelievably delicious. I've worked all over the world and nothing compares to it.

What are you bringing to the table, so to speak?

I'm bringing my experience, I suppose. What I do is try to bring restaurant quality food into the home kitchen. I make my recipes easy to follow for anyone so that people who don't normally cook can create something delicious that they can be proud to serve. It's what I'm most passionate about - helping people realise their potential in the kitchen with quality ingredients that are easily available. 

What's your favourite lamb dish?

I love loads of different lamb dishes and I've got quite a few on the website and in my book, Good Food Made Simple. From burgers, to kebabs to curries and roasts. Lamb is so tasty on its own that you often don't need to do anything much to it at all to create something wonderful.

Why do you think the Irish love their lamb so much?

The Irish love lamb so much because Ireland produces delicious lamb. Nowhere else in the world will you see lambs grazing on glorious green grass and living under the fresh, pure Irish skies. You can't put a price on what that does to the flavour of the meat.

How does your food blog stand-out from the crowd and why do you think you were asked to come on board?

I've never really described myself as a blogger before although I know plenty of people do. First and foremost, I see myself as a chef who instead of cooking for people directly, is helping people cook for themselves at home and often on a budget. I think BiaMaith stands out because the people who follow my page have done so since the beginning and have been so supportive of my own personal journey from the darkest of times to where I am now. They appreciate that I put a lot of time and effort into what I do and that it's purely because I love food and want to share that with people.

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