HB Hazelbrook Farm has launched their Quality Time Together campaign, a new campaign calling on Irish parents to make a date to spend quality time with their families. 

The campaign has been launched in response to research revealing that 88% of Irish parents would like more quality time with their family.  A further 12% of parents revealed they don’t spend any quality time with their children during the week. 

Whether you’re a busy mumpreneur, a stay-at-home parent or a hot desking dad, you’ll find some great inspiration on www.facebook.com/hbicecreamfor fitting quality time together into your day.

Sarah Atkins from HB Hazelbrook Farm said: “The majority of parents we spoke to, 58%, said they would choose to spend any extra free time in their day with their family. This shows there is a real appetite for spending quality time together. Experts suggest that it only takes 15 minutes of quality time to reconnect after a hectic day, so the HB Hazelbrook Farm Quality Time Together activities have been compiled with this in mind.

“The great news is that 56% of families are managing to eat dinner together at least 5 nights a week, presenting the perfect opportunity to catch up. It’s definitely something parents and families want to do together, and love to find ways of fitting in quality time easily after dinner.’’
Celebrity mum Yvonne Keating: “The HB Hazelbrook Farm Quality Time Together campaign shows parents just how easy it can be said to enjoy time with our children. We need to stop feeling guilty and make the most of the time that we do have together!”

Here are some fun ice-cream recipes for a treat after dinner:

Tadhg the turtle
•    Scoop out a ball of HB Hazelbrook Farm Iceberger ice cream. 
•    Grab a small round fruit, like a cherry, or a tiny plum, to make Tadhg’s head.
•    Stick on Tadhg’s little legs, Little Scoop thinks four sultanas work nicely.
•    Add something small for his eyes like chocolate drops, and a squirt of sauce to form his mouth.

The Chicks
•    Grab an egg cup or any small glass you can find.
•    Line the base with melted chocolate or crushed biscuits.
•    Add a small scoop of delicious HB Hazelbrook Farm Vanilla ice cream to make the chick’s body.
•    Top this with an even smaller scoop to form the head.
•    Give the chicks some eyes using chocolate chips, and a mouth using a tiny bit of fruit.

Pirate Ship Split 
•    Take three scoops of HB Hazelbrook Farm Vanilla ice cream. 
•    Slice a banana in two and place either side of the ice cream for the ship’s body.
•    Attach some blueberries for the portholes and wafers for the sails.
•    Add some raspberries for extra details
•    Cut up some strawberries to make some scary sharks.