Just like the jingle, the weather surely is frightful this New Year, so if you're feeling under the weather and looking for a little bit of comfort or a cure, check out these recipes. Packed with vitamins, minerals and down right goodness, these will have you back on your feet and ready to welcome 2013 with gusto in no time!

Lulu Smyth's Flu fighter juice

Lulu Smyth's Flu fighter soup with spices, ginger, and coconut

Donal Skehan's roast squash, coconut and chilli soup

A winter warming chicken and barley soup

Carrot, ginger and cumin soup

Paula Mee's healthy and very hearty winter squash and sweet potato soup

Richie Wilson's minestrone soup recipe

Mary Joyce's marvellous lentil stew for winter

Dr Eva Orsmond's low calorie, vitamin-boosting smoothie

Carrot and orange juice from Richie Wilson

Clodagh McKenna's healthy and inviting, Italian-inspired orzo soup

A Weightwatcher recipe for a delicious blueberry maple smoothie