Our weekly guide to budget-friendly, tasty family recipes - this week Dr. Eva Orsmond shares three of her favourites.

As you well know I am obsessed with fibre. Irish cabbage is always healthy and cheap, and you can use it in many ways. I use shredded cabbage in stir-frys, colourful red cabbage in salads and every type of cabbage in my soups! In most of my recipes, you can substitute the vegetable ingredients for any other veg that might be cheaper in your supermarket. Choosing foods that are in season will help you save money in the long run. But always remember, vegetables growing above the ground are lower in calories and often higher in vitamin C so choose these more often.

Many old fashioned foods are both cheap and healthy. Try my delicious sea bass recipe which contains lots of healthy protein and is low in calories. White fish has a lighter taste so is perfect for getting your children to love fish.

Feel free to substitute the sea bass with mackerel – an oily fish which could be classified as a high grade Superfood, as well as being super cheap! Do not be afraid to try new flavours for your and your children’s sakes.

In the future I will be introducing you to new interesting flavours and cheap filling meals – start cooking now!

SEA BASS - Click here to see recipe
This is an excellent recipe to help incorporate fish into your diet. You can have a larger portion of white fish or meat as it is lower in calories. It’s a great option for you if you want more protein on your plate. Too quick and easy to be this tasty! A cheaper option is to use mackerel – ask you fish monger for filleted mackerel – approx. 100 – 120g per person. This is enough as oily fish is higher in calories.

HOT MUSHROOM SOUP - Click here to see recipe

I got familiar with Yom Tom paste when I went to a cooking course while living in South Africa. I love it and I’m sure that I am the first to introduce it to Ireland! This soup has always been a hit among my patients and now I am sharing it with you. As you can see, filler vegetable soup can be delicious.



Waffles are considered a comfort food and as you can see, comfort food can also be healthy! Enjoy.

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