Here is a selection of my winter wines that are sure to work really well with Christmas dinner.

Chateau de Fontaine-Audon Sancerre - France

This wine is an excellent Sancerre for its price. It’s a great all rounder to have in your wine rack. I like it with fish or even with a cheese plate or tapas. It’s well balanced with crisp fruits and medium acidity. It will compliment fish or poultry really well. It’s a clean, bright wine with a zesty finish. It’s a consistent Sancerre from a well renowned vineyard.

Available in O’Briens

Fleurie Joseph Drouhin– France

This is a warm soft wine which is perfect for those who prefer a lighter red. It’s fruity and slightly floral, with an elegant and velvety finish. There are hints of cherry and plum and ripe strawberries.

Available in most supermarkets

Delheim Sauvignon Blanc – South Africa

This wine comes from a highly rated winery in Stellenbosch. It’s packed with tropical fruits and has a zesty finish. It’s a very refreshing light white and will work great with a rich meal.

Available in O’Briens

Marques De Riscal Rioja – Spain

This is a fantastic delicious Rioja, which never disappoints me. It is a little more expensive than a lot of Riojas on offer, but it’s definitely worth the money. This wine is deep and rich in colour and taste. It is a really stylish wine and perfect for a decadent Christmas dinner.

Available in most supermarkets

Chanson 1er Cru Beaune-Bastion – France

This wine is a hundred percent chardonnay and really compliments goose/ turkey/pheasant or chicken. It’s a beautiful pale golden colour with a slightly floral aroma and a hint of vanilla. There are flavours of autumn fruits such as pear and apple. This is one of my current favourite whites. It isn’t a cheap wine, but would be a really special wine for Christmas or would make a great gift.

Available in O’Briens

Bosquet des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape – France

This wine is an excellent example of a well-produced Chateauneuf du Pape. It’s full of soft black fruits, with hints of minerality. It’s a very well balanced and full bodied wine. It’s a wine that I will always come back to. It’s an expensive wine, but definitely worth the money.

Available in most good off licences