When it comes to style, sartorially adventurous weather girl Jean Byrne has a style that's made people sit up and take notice.

Indeed, the wardrobe of RTÉ's Jean Byrne is proving as changeable as the weather itself - and a lot brighter. In the past, she has set tongues wagging by wearing a daring red leather dress, silver body-con number - and of course, the now famous slashed dress by designer Joanne Hynes.

And she clearly has no trouble weathering any potential criticisms about her unusual ensembles, because this week the presenter revealed that her fashion icons are singers Bjork and Lady Gaga.

"I would never imitate anyone," she told The Herald. "I just wear what I like to wear. I think my style is quite avant-garde. I think Bjork and Lady Gaga dress that way, too. If anyone compared me to Bjork, I would take it as a massive compliment," she said. "And I love the way Daphne Guinness dresses, too."

The presenter says she doesn’t slavishly follow trends. Instead, she likes clothes that are quirky, make a statement and express her personality. "I like wearing something different and creative, and I never follow trends," she explained. "I don't go for what's 'in'. I'm definitely not a slave to trends. I prefer pieces that are interesting and stand out on their own merit."

Kerry native Jean, 52, says she pays no heed when people criticise her fashion sense. "It doesn't bother me in the least when people criticise what I wear," she said. "Honestly it doesn't, because I always wear something that is good quality – the clothes I wear are beautifully made.

"It might have got to me years ago, but I have a thicker skin than I used to."

If she has not chosen a career in television, Jean admits she would have loved to set up her own fashion label. But, as someone who has her stilettos planted firmly on the ground, she knows that it would take time, effort and sheer hard graft.

"I mean, if I had a dream of another career it would be that, because I am so interested in fashion and I love putting things together," she said. "But I realise that it's a very skilled and tough trade; it's not something you just walk into."