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Jan 20, 2012

Maternity Wear Blog

from: RTE Fashion Blog

The pregnant Saturdays singer knows how to dress her bump

Welcome to the first of our RTÉ Maternity Wear Blogs where each week we’ll share our views on the good, the bad and the ugly for mums-to-be. While I’ll be sharing my hits, misses, tips and advice, I’d love to hear yours, so please comment below and I’ll add any helpful tips into next week’s piece. Pics are welcome too, if you’d like to share your stylish looks or images of what might work for the rest of us.

As with every fashion look whether it’s for the catwalk or a wedding, each one begins with a great foundation, so this week, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought I’d tackle maternity underwear. This might be a good time for the prudish to turn away because as every busy, pregnant woman knows, practically rules over delicate dispositions every time.

As with your regular wardrobe, you need to invest in a couple of good pieces which can be added to with a number of cheaper options.

Aside from your growing bump the one, or two, most noticeable body changes are your boobs, to a greater or lesser degree depending on your original size and the effect your pregnancy has on you(rs). Personally, suffice to say, I am on first name terms with the lingerie whizzes in a couple of shops. You can skimp on pants, hosiery and socks but if you have boobs, you can’t and shouldn’t skimp on bras. If the size is wrong, not only will it make you look and feel frumpy, where everything just mushes into one in the most unflattering way. No matter your shape, you want your bump to look like one and your boobs to do the same. Whether it’s your local lingerie store, one of the larger stores such as Arnotts or M&S, I would invest time and money in a couple of good, correctly-fitted bras. Plus they don’t have to look like off-putting over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders either thanks to ranges from the likes of Fantasie, Triumph and Bravissimo – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be something to ignore until next year.

The Saturdays Una Healy is making the most of her new pregnancy assets

The Wire
The big decision you have to make when it comes to maternity bras if you are planning on breast feeding is whether you are willing to sacrifice some shape during the latter half of your pregnancy to ensure that your milk ducts are 100% damage-free. Having gone the non-under wired route on my first pregnancy, ducts or no, its not a route I’ve followed since and thankfully breast-feeding still went well (or as well as possible given what’s involved).

We’ll cover breastfeeding underwear options at another time but as your due date draws closer, many mums who are planning on breast feeding kill two birds with the one stone by getting measured for a feeding bra about three weeks before they’re due. However I wouldn’t get more than one or two at this stage as your breast size will change again once your milk comes in and if you’re planning on feeding, they can stay that new size for as long as you feed.

If you were to invade most Irish women’s lingerie-drawers you’ll most likely find some variety of suck-me-in underwear. The one time you’d think that you’re exempt from the uncomfortable, restrictive yet effective attire is during pregnancy. However if you have a big event, a special guna or a high powered meeting and want to put your best bump forward in your figure-hugging outfit than pregnancy Spanx could be the answer. Having worn them once before and sitting through a two-hour dinner with my stomach pushed up under my chin  – never again but I’ve seen a friend indulge and the result was a blooming bridesmaid.

This Matalan dress is gorgeous but clingy and the correct underwear is essential

Depending on the time of year of your pregnancy and your work attire or personal style, if working in the home, you may or may not need tights as a daily staple. If you’re a regular wearer, then it is worth spending a little more on good fitting pairs that don’t gather around your ankles at around 3pm. Otherwise the high street (H&M, Next, Mama’s & Papa’s, Mothercare, ) offer good basic ranges in black, grey, navy or brown.

Unless you find the pounds piling on or your usual style of briefs are midi’s then your regular fare (hipsters/ boxer-briefs or for the brave, thongs) should get you through most of your pregnancy. However if you find towards the middle to end stages that you’re uncomfortable, it might be time to invest in some over or under the bump comfy cotton briefs. While the over the bump numbers are a tad Bridget Jones-esque, they’re very comfy. Regardless of whether they’re over or under bump numbers, there’s no need to splash the cash here and they can double as your hospital throw-away undies too. Cotton is your new BFF so apart from a brief outing on Valentine’s Day, perhaps keep the slinky ones for a few months time.

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know and next week I’ll be taking a look at PJ’s and nightwear,



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