Q. I'm finding it really hard to find long boots that fit my legs! I'm a size 16 and all the fabulous boots are made for slender legs. Any ideas of where I can buy boots that have a wider leg fit? Thank you.

A. The sexy knee-high boots in Dublin's shoe departments and specialty boutiques are causing angst. Fashionistas are struggling to zip up and pull up. Known in well-heeled circles as the "strong-calf factor," this dilemma is stomping out stylish spirits everywhere. Of course, this is nothing new; say footwear industry experts and retailers, who often struggle to find stylish brands that actually fit.

Duo Boots solves a fashion problem for thousands of women who don't conform to high-street leg sizes. It offers boots in the latest styles and 21 leg sizes so those with skinny or larger legs can find a perfect fit. The company was born 30 years ago as a shop in Bath where husband and wife team Ted and Muffy Maltby sold Italian shoes.

Each winter they saw women leave empty handed because they couldn't find boots that fit. The couple thought for years about offering a better selection and, today their on-line store is treasure trove of fashionable footwear designed to fit every shape and size. All the hottest trends are there - snakeskin, suede, patent and metallics – as well as a gorgeous selection of elegant shoes and handbags.

Problem solved!

Georgina Heffernan