Style that guarantees you'll get a second date; Georgina Heffernan takes the hassle out of planning what to wear for that important first date.

Q. I'm going on a date, to the cinema, with this guy I really like and I just don't know what to wear! I was thinking something casual but chic? Can you give me any advice?

A. Tricky old business, deciding what to wear for a hot date. Jeans can seem too casual; a dress like you is already planning the big day.

For better or for worse, whatever you choose to wear acts as an advert for the person under the clothes, so you want to look dishy enough to tantalise - but not flashing so much flesh you seem to be offering breakfast at yours.

Trends this winter fit the bill nicely, with lashings of delicious lace, soft leather, and seasonal sparkle. Dorothy Perkins's new range by Kim Kardashian won't break the bank - but is sure to have him coming back for seconds.

First dates can be nerve-wracking - you have enough to think about trying to read his body language without worrying about your appearance, too.

If you're meeting a new flame, you'll want to look gorgeous without appearing to have made too much of an effort. Go for a favourite outfit that you know you look good in, something understated yet glamorous, like a shirt dress over thick tights or leggings. City shorts can also look fantastic because they show off your legs, without looking as if you are trying too hard.

Whatever image you want to project, we have your options covered with a sartorial overhaul that may help you nab that perfect partner, impress a new love or rekindle that magic of old. Read on and discover the simple secrets that can make Cupid's arrow strike even the most elusive target.


DO take extra care with your appearance and make sure you wear something that is flattering and hugs your figure in all the right places. Choose something you're comfortable in that you know that flatters your figure. If you have a killer cleavage or amazing pins, for God's sake, show them off because this is the time to celebrate your gloriously sensual self.

DO wear perfume. Smelling good is important but don't overdo it - you don't want him gasping for air each time he leans in for a kiss! A scent should be a whisper, not a shout. The same applies for men; don't overdo the aftershave because, despite what the advertisements tell you, women really don't like it at all - instead think natural, clean and fresh.

DO put on makeup - but apply discreetly because there's no bigger turn off than lipstick on the teeth or smudged mascara. A subtle lip gloss is incredibly sexy and, fortunately, will not stain your wine glass.

DO look glamorous. Go for a glamorous yet sophisticated look and you'll make him feel that he has won the ultimate

DON'T dress down. It's always better to look like you've made some sort of an effort, after all, you don't want to insult your date - so find out where you're going and what the dress code will be. There's nothing worse than the embarrassment of being whisked off to a top notch restaurant or nightclub wearing combats.

DON'T mix and match outfits. There's no point in going out half-smart and half casual, you'll just look indecisive - and a mess. Go for accessories that match your outfit even if they are all black.

Georgina Heffernan