RTÉ2fm broadcaster Tara Stewart is back with a brand new series of her sustainable fashion podcast, Dirty Laundry. Here, she introduces her guest, YouTuber and advocate, Keelin Moncrieff.

It's time for episode two of Dirty Laundry and my next guest is Youtuber and sustainable advocate, Keelin Moncrieff.

Keelin is passionate about caring and sharing the damaging effects fashion can have on the climate, as well as the problematic humanitarian ethics behind fast fashion.

I picked her for this season because she has influenced me and over 50+ thousand subscribers and followers to make real change in the way they consume clothes and food.

From studying in fashion, working in vintage stores like Dublin Vintage Factory and selling upcycled vintage and pre-loved items on her Depop,

Keelin is a deadly source of slow fashion knowledge and inspiration! Follow her on Insta and Depop at @kee_mon.

You can find the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts by searching 'Dirty Laundry'.