Trends come and go in fashion, but if we've learned one thing it's that sustainability is always on trend. 

More of us are looking to overhaul our shopping habits, but figuring out how to do that in a way that's affordable, ethical and fun can be a challenge. 

In the second season of her hit RTÉ podcast series Dirty Laundry 2FM presenter, style icon and sustainability queen Tara Stewart explores the world of sustainable fashion, looking at the way we currently approach buying clothes, assessing what the future holds for style influencers, and looking at how big brands are handling the climate crisis.

The series will continue Stewart's trailblazing exploration of fast fashion, how we buy clothes and how to be more ethical in our choices.

Stewart said she is "so happy to be back" with the second series of her podcast. "I'm kicking things off with one of the most fascinating chats I've had in a long time with Fashion Psychologist, Stylist and East Londoner, Dr Dion Terrelonge."

"I reached out to Dr Dion because I wanted to get a better understanding behind the psychology of how we shop, dress ourselves and our relationship with fashion and body image."

The presenter said she had been looking "for someone with her credentials" and came across her while reading the book How to Break Up with Fast Fashion by Lauren Bravo, which quoted Terrelonge. 

"We met up originally to record the first half of the podcast earlier in the year in person. However due to Covid-19 I was delayed recording the rest of the season so ended up doing it all via Zoom during the summer so Dr Dion and I reconnected again to check in and see how she was getting on since our last chat."

"I think you’re going to love this episode, you will learn so much and want to listen to her speak for hours and hours!" she added. 

Episode 1 of Dirty Laundry sees Tara chat to Dr Dion Terrelonge, a Fashion Psychologist, Stylist and East Londoner who focuses on "person-centred styling". She encourages people to use fashion as a tool to channel their self-determination, self-esteem, identity and to change to the world of fashion.

Listen to Dirty Laundry here or wherever you get your podcasts. Watch the video above to get a sneak peek of Dirty Laundry.