It’s been a long wait, but now – at last – we’re able to get our nails done.

The past few months have been a struggle for anyone who is used to getting regular manicures, which can give you an instant lift. Even if you’ve managed doing your own nails at home, it’s still a relief to be able to see your technician again. Let’s face it: there are just some looks which are impossible to do yourself.

With many salons now open, we’re likely to see a new wave of fresh manicure trends. Here’s what’s likely to be big, to help give inspiration for your first trip back to the salon…

1. Graphic prints

This trend needs a steady hand and precise application. The graphic look – which was recently modelled by Kylie Jenner (so you know it’s going to be big) is all about random, quirky shapes dotted onto your nails.

As it’s the summer, colours tend to be bright and the patterns cutesy. It makes use of negative space by drawing thin lines of colour and leaving the rest of the nail nude. While this look doesn’t have to match – in fact, it’s all about breaking away from uniformity – it still looks incredibly polished.

2. Half dips

If you’re bored of the classic French mani, why not take things to the next level with a half dip? The top half of the nail is painted in a block colour, leaving the rest natural. It’s a playful trend – you’re encouraged to choose bright colours and switch up the shade on every nail.

If the half dip feels a bit severe for you, you can still get in on the trend by doing a half ombre nail. This is where the colour fades halfway down the nail, dissolving into your natural colour.

3. Gradient nails

This is the new way to wear pastels this summer. Pick your favourite colour – maybe it’s powder blue or baby pink – and ask your manicurist to paint each nail a slightly darker shade. If you’re not keen on wild nail art, this is definitely the best and most low-key way to make sure your manicure is bang on trend.

4. Marbled nails

This is another trend which would be impossible for us mere mortals to replicate at home. The marbled effect is a pretty way to bring a bit of shine to your nails, and if you wanted you could branch out into similar stones like rose quartz or amethyst. The key to this look is to keep things understated and iridescent, so your nails catch the light at certain angles.

5. Cloud nails

Summer is definitely the best time of year to experiment with your nails. This season, it’s all about whimsical cloud patterns. You can customise this look to how you want – maybe you want to keep your nails nude and the clouds painted on, or you could make the pattern pop by painting on a brightly coloured base.

6. Gingham nails

For the most kitsch trend of the season, look no further than a gingham pattern. After all, this is the time of year to dig out your favourite gingham dress and go picnicking, so why not match your nails to your look?