With high-profile jobs as a model, commentator and reality TV contestant already under her belt, and just over a year after blowing our socks off on Love Island, Maura Higgins is adding another string to her bow by launching her own makeup line. 

The 34-piece makeup collection, in collaboration with Inglot, is available now and combines all of the Longford native's favourite products. 

Higgins joined the Jennifer Zamparelli Show to talk about everything from fame and lockdown to sex and standing up for yourself. 

The highly anticipated collection has been a long time in the making, with Higgins admitting that it "took a lot longer than I expected". "It's been a year in the making. I'm very very fussy but I put all my favourite go-to products in one collection. There's something for everyone, it's so diverse, cruelty free. "

She admits that she was a bit of a nightmare when putting the collection together, but only because she's very "fussy" when it comes to makeup. "Inglot have been very, very patient with me, let me tell you!"

"I think it was good though because I'm not afraid to say no. At one stage I had hundreds of samples in my house and now, looking at the collection, I'm so glad that I was so so fussy."

So what are Maura Higgins' go-to products? "For me, lip floss, lip liner, liquid eyeliner, mascara, they're definitely something that I need in my makeup bag."

It's no wonder that gloss and lip liner are so essential in Higgins' kit given her pout is world famous, but she's always been upfront about getting lip fillers in the past. 

As to whether it gets frustrating to hear claims that she's had more work than that done, Higgins says she looks at it "as a compliment". 

"From people looking at me on Love Island, they've seen honest I am so why would I deny having work done? I openly say I've had my lips done, I've been getting my lips done for years now. So if I had any other procedures done, I'd openly admit it.

"I've nothing against cosmetic surgery or anything like that, and I feel like for anyone that wants to have surgery, if it's going to make yourself more confident, then do it."

Despite some commentators speculating that the model would be naming her line Fanny Flutters, after her infamous phrase on Love Island, Higgins assured listened that that was not the case. 

"Walking into a store and asking for a makeup line called Fanny Flutters, like..." she laughs. "Fair enough, calling it Flutters but definitely not Fanny Flutters. I'm ballsy, but... my audience is very young girls and I just thought no." 

Higgins stepped out of the villa already a star, so it's no wonder that adjusting to her new fame took a while. "At the beginning, it was hard to digest everything", she says. 

"Since coming into lockdown it's actually been good because I had time to reflect on everything. Like having TV opportunities, like doing cover shoots, like working with high-end brands now the fact that I have my own collection with a huge make-up brand like that is just insane."

She leans on her support network around her, from her mum to her friends from Love Island, to keep her on the straight and narrow. "I was working so so hard, and I remember I started getting anxiety from pure exhaustion. The best thing I done was I took a step back and said 'I'm having a few days off, I'm going back to Ireland to spend time with my family'."

"You need to listen to your body and your mental health is so so important."

"I will say I enjoyed lockdown, I needed the break. I started exercising which I never thought I would do, I absolutely hate exercise. That's kept my mind busy. I've been working very very hard on the makeup, I've been working on other stuff behind the scenes since I came out of the villa and I'm still working on it."

Fame is surely easier to handle when you're beloved for just being yourself, and being her sassy, no-nonsense self is exactly what won Higgins such praise on Love Island. 

"Me, doing what I done on Love Island, I was being myself the whole time and I was never going to pretend to be someone that I wasn't. 

"I would never let anyone walk all over me or say something to me like. Just because I was in Love Island talking about sex, people think 'oh she is just going to go in and do all sorts with this guy', like no. Come on guys, we are in 2020. Men and women are equal. Men talk about sex. Girls talk about sex, it’s the same thing. It is a very natural thing."

Working in London now comes with its own challenges, not least being away from her family during the Covid-19 pandemic, but she says she's developed a large network of friends. 

That said, she'll always call Ireland home. "That's where my heart is. I love Ireland." 

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