When it comes to dealing with hair during lockdown there seem to be two types of people.

There are those who’ve done everything in their power to maintain their usual look, getting scissor-happy in a bid to keep split ends at bay, loading up their shopping basket with every box dye they can find and applying a conditioning mask once a week without fail.

Then there are the people who’ve left their locks alone, embraced their visible roots and thought, ‘Who cares?’

However you’ve handled your tresses over the past few months, if the closure of salons has got you itching to switch up your style, there’s hope in sight. 

Here are seven hair colour and cut ideas for your first salon visit…

1. Balayage
If you’ve ended up with three inches of visible roots but don’t want to transition to one all-over colour, balayage could be the perfect solution.

By applying dye by hand your colourist will be able to ‘blend out’ your roots and create a natural-looking ombre effect, and the colour options are endless, from palest blonde to rose gold to deep chocolate brown.

2. Blunt bob
‘Split ends make friends’ – so the saying goes. If your split ends have been spreading why not slice them all off with a sharp-edged bob?

As seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and Irina Shayk, a blunt bob can be super sexy. It doesn’t have to be poker straight though – you can use hair straighteners to add choppy waves.

3. Lob
Another great way to banish those split ends, the long bob or ‘lob’ gives the illusion of a major makeover without sacrificing too much length.

Combine a lob with a change of colour and you’ll feel like a whole new person.

4. Copper
As for colour ideas, this year copper takes over from rose gold as the hottest hair hue, inspired by celebrities like Zendaya.

Whether your locks are long or short, straight or curly, if you want to get in on the copper trend it’s got to be bold, bright all-over colour.

5. Cool colour
Still rocking honey blonde or auburn from your last salon visit? Give your tresses a new lease of life by switching from warm to cool tones.

For brunettes that means chocolate brown, redheads should opt for frosted shades and blondes should go icy white.

6. Half and half
As well as the blunt bob, Dua Lipa is responsible for another of 2020’s biggest hair trends: half and half colour.

Earlier this year, the singer unveiled a Nineties-inspired blonde on top, dark underneath ‘do that sent fans into a frenzy. Now, Lipa has proved her 50/50 look works with bold hues too, giving herself a cherry red refresh during lockdown.

7. Super short
In the mood for a  total transformation? Take your cue from the likes of Charlize Theron and model Adut Akech who have been rocking super-short styles lately.

Before undertaking such a dramatic change be sure to have a thorough consultation with your hairdresser so they can tailor the style to your hair type and face shape.