Trinny Woodall believes in the power of a sparkly top to brighten any day, and while giving RTÉ's Brenda Donohue a glam makeover on The Today Show, it was hard not to see how that belief has informed her makeup line. 

Woodall found fame first as half of the spunky and stylish duo Trinny and Suzannah, on the shows of the same name where she made over women's wardrobes, beauty looks and, in many ways, lives.

Long before we had Queer Eye and its merry gang of chic and cheerful hosts, we turned to Trinny for style tips and in recent years she has cultivated the same kind of fervent following online through her Instagram shopping hauls, vivacious outfit run-downs and the lovably sheepish closet confessions. 

Now, having launched her makeup company Trinny London in 2017, she has fine-tuned how makeup should work for the modern woman, no matter what her age. 

Shimmering in one of her trademark sequin tops, Trinny explained that her makeup is designed to help a person "feel fabulous", even if they've only two minutes to get ready in the morning. 

In between applying eyeshadow with her fingers and dabbing highlighter on Brenda – her preferred way to do easy makeup – she spoke about how this time in her life is her most energetic, as she builds her passion into a business. 

Watch her talk about how her 50's are her "peak time", bras and the one beauty item more Irish women should be using in the video above!