Loose Women presenter, Stacey Solomon, is a real girl's girl – anyone who follows her on Instagram will know she shares everything about her life, warts and all, especially the recent birth of her baby boy Rex and being a mum of three (11-year-old Zachary and eight-year-old Leighton).

Last year she collaborated with Penneys for her first clothing range, which was a huge success so she’s back for more this autumn. An advocate for body confidence, the former X Factor star can be seen showing off her new range in, un-airbrushed photos, which includes cool-girl faux leather and plaid, prim skirts, a sweatshirt with 'Mother' on it and a teddy coat of our dreams.

Here, she chats about her favourite pieces in the collection and why she’s happy to share her life on social media. 

Were you surprised by the success of your first collection? 
Yes, I honestly couldn’t believe it when I saw people tagging me in my t-shirts and out and about in my range!

With this one you're representing mothers with your slogan tops, but how important is it to you for the clothes to resonate with other mothers?
It is important to me to connect with other mothers because it can be the hardest job in the world, although rewarding so the more we can come together and share experiences and look out for each other the lighter the load.

How much has your own style changed over the years, especially since becoming a mum of three?
It’s got much lazier, as long as it’s stretchy and covers my privates I’m in and it’s on!

Was fashion always a big part of your life as a child? Who were your style icons? 
I guess so, without even realising I was obsessed with sequins, glitter and gems and I wanted to wear all the colours of the rainbow. My style icons were Beverly Goldberg and Barbra Streisand. Babs!

What are your favourite pieces from this new collection? 
It’s really difficult to decide but I know I’m in love with the 'Mother’ T-shirt, red checked trousers and black puffa jacket. I will live in it, through the day in trainers and heels at night.

What are the must-have items in your autumn wardrobe? 
A good pair of jeans, that’s why there was a pair in the last collection and we’ve brought a new pair this season which are slightly high waisted, stretchy jeans… I’m obsessed! You can wear them no matter what you are doing, on the school run or on a night out with the girls and know you will feel comfortable. 

You seem very confident in your skin but have you had to work at it?
I am confident but it’s also definitely a work in progress and a conscious effort. If I could give anyone advice to be confident in their own skin it would be to make it a part of your daily routine. It is a conscious effort and I do have to keep reminding myself because I think that there a lot of things out there that tell us that we are not, so try to counteract the modern day in a way and just know that I/we should believe in ourselves.

You share a lot on your Instagram: your time with Rex and your family – do you find it hard to decided what to share and what to keep private? 
I definitely find it hard – it’s often a question! At the end of the day, though, I feel that all of these platforms give you an ability to show yourself and give an insight into your true life and that’s all I ever do. I just think to myself, is it true, is it happening and if it is I’ll put it up… don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do think to myself, should I of put that up, should I have done that, but by then it’s too late!

You've ticked a lot of boxes since first coming to our attention on The X Factor – what's left on the list? 
I have no idea, all I ever think is never say never and I want to try every opportunity that comes my way because I am so grateful for all of those opportunities.