Spooky season is upon us! Whether you're going out to a Halloween party or dressing up with the kids at home, All Hallows Eve is the perfect time to go big with your make-up.

But when it comes to costume makeup, is glitter a trick or treat? Of course, it seems like a great idea when you’re getting made up as a sparkly unicorn or shimmering skull, dousing yourself liberally with the sparkly stuff.

The next day, however, when you’re still finding tiny shiny specks on your clothes, furniture and pets – it’s the stuff of nightmares.

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Half the time, make-up remover just serves to push it around your face, and because it’s moist, it gives the flecks something to cling to, which is why you need a foolproof method for removing glitter make-up. The good news? We’ve got one.

This tip actually came via singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor last year, when she was encouraging people to go bright with their make-up on November 17 for Children in Need.

Sophie Ellis Bextor at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2017, Berkeley Square Gardens, London
Sophie Ellis-Bextor is no stranger to the glittery eye make-up look (Ian West/PA)

When I asked the singer if she’d picked up any useful tips from professional make-up artists throughout the years, she shared this ingenious hack: "A woman called Louise Constad, who’s still a really good friend of mine, she does very bright eye [make-up] and she did the green glitter for the Murder on the Dance Floor video. She taught me how to do that and be really confident using glitter – and use sellotape to lift it off your skin, because it gets everywhere, it’s a nightmare."

See? A nightmare. "Use sticky tape," Sophie continued, "which is much easier than trying to scrape it off. Even now, glitter is still my friend, I still love it for gigs and parties and Halloween."

a sellotape dispenser
Sellotape: not just useful for wrapping presents, it turns out (Thinkstock/PA)

I decided to test out the theory with some gold glitter gel I had at home and do you know what? It really worked. The gel had to dry, but once it had, the glitter lifted right off with a bit of sellotape I’d wrapped round two fingers; I just had to get a new piece when it had lost its stickiness.

It’s like a lint roller for your face - but those things are VERY sticky, so I wouldn’t recommend rolling one on the delicate skin around your eyes. Be careful not to be too rough with your skin, this tip is not to be used too regularly - after all, glitter is for very special occasions.

The sellotape trick is also handy for picking off shiny specks that inevitably end up all over your clothes.

So there you have it, a way to turn glitter from foe to friend this Halloween (and beyond).