The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, but let's not forget that New Year's Eve is just around the corner!

It won't be long before hoards of us, red-lipped and covered in gold glitter eyeshadow, don our velvet and sequins for party after party. 

But what if you're tired of red lippie and gold glitter? 

RTÉ Lifestyle attended the exclusive preview of YSL's upcoming complexion and colour ranges, including the dazzling beauties on offer this Christmas, and spoke to YSL makeup artist Fred Letailleur about what trends we can expect to see this season. 

Light and dewy skin
Summer might be over, but many of this year's trends live on well into the colder months, one of them being what Letailleur calls "no makeup makeup". 

He says we'll be seeing more "slightly dewy complexion", with the yoga skin trend -  "like coming out from a session at the gym kind of look, where the makeup is there but it's barely there" - still popular. To achieve this, he says, play with concealers and coverage, choosing more sheer foundations for light cover where you need it but applied on a glowy, well-prepped skincare base. 

If yoga skin isn't really your thing, fear not: matte skin is still very much on trend, but balanced out by slightly more modern looks in lips and eyes. 

Graphic eyes
Instagram makeup artists are forever finding new ways to wear eyeliner, some of them more "editorial" than others. However, Letailleur says there are ways to incorporate the trendier ways of lining eyes into your usual routine. 

"If you look on the catwalk we see quite a lot of liquid eyeliners applied in very creative ways, whether they're applied in little triangles or as negative eyeliner. They are almost like reflections of how we used to use liquid liner in the 60s", he says. 

Or, he suggests, you can simply smudge a liner around the outer corners of the eyes, creating an instant graphic smokey effect that can be built up or shaped as you want. 

The new glitter eye 
A graphic liner or "floating negative space" eyeliner wing might not suit everyone, and certainly might take more skill to perfect than some people feel comfortable attempting. Letailleur asserts that this shouldn't be a problem.

"For people who would be into an eye look which is a little bit more easy going, we see that the glitter eye is a very big trend", he says. Opt for new shades like violet and purples which enhance every eye colour, as well as the classics like gold and silver. 

He suggests using a "silver applied on the inner corners of the eye, or a gold applied all over the lid in a very sheer finish". You could also "contrast between a black smokey eye with a spotlighting effect in silver glitter" or use the purple shades as a glitter liner, lifting and defining in one go. 

Your lips but better
As the nights get more dull and grey, we can bring colour into our days with "really high impact, highly pigmented coloured lipsticks", Letailleur says. Matte lipsticks in reds, oranges and pinks slightly blurred out will give a fresh and lived-in look that is instantly glamorous. 

As the blurred lip trend grows in popularity, lip stains are becoming more popular. Opt for blots of lip stain in the centre or sides of the lips to create the illusion of naturally fuller lips, and build coverage where you want it. 

However, shades in violet, plum or rose bring a modern and romantic sophistication to party season looks, and make for a nice change from bright statement red lips. 

Relaxed, fuss-free makeup is a key trend this year, favouring blurred lips, softly smoked out eyes and a wash of shimmer that leave you looking chic and modern. If you've struggled to get your eyeliner perfectly sharp, this is the season to drop the brush and embrace sensual smudginess. 

"Even though the makeup is very constructed and very graphic, on the other hand, it's makeup that women would want to wear if they were just about to go out, which means that it’s a makeup that you can apply with fingers."

Refreshing your makeup
With party season comes the ever-present battle to keep makeup looking fresh from day to night. Letailleur suggests avoiding layering too much makeup on at the start of the day, and be especially wary of over-powdering. 

"I know, by fact, to not over-powder the face", he says, as "that is a very important aspect whenever you want to touch up the makeup."

"I always find that even if you're going to build up your makeup, particularly in terms of complexion, to try to not drag the formula too much if you have set it with a lot of powder. Use more a dabbing movement and a pressing movement into the skin, which will avoid dragging and removing the previous makeup."