Do you struggle to find your personal "style"? Do you face your wardrobe each day, not knowing which print goes with what? Do you routinely envy the elegance and poise of Eileen the Style Queen, an 80-year-old fashion influencer? 

We've all been there. 

Clothes are one of the easiest and most fun tools we have to express ourselves, and while some of us are born with the style savviness of Victoria Beckham, others can't match a top to a skirt if our lives depended on it.

Worse than this, finding our own personal style is hard

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone: there's a brand new makeover show coming to RTÉ One tonight, hosted by none other than Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me and Eileen Smith of beloved Instagram account @eileenstylequeen, that will help people from all walks of life who have lost their fashion mojo. 

Watch out, Trinny and Suzanna!

Hosted by two bona fide style mavens, the show will see Suzanne and Eileen guide those struggling with their style find their most authentic selves. Both women love clothes and believe in the power of style and fashion to make people feel good about themselves.

Each week, the pair help a different woman looking for a fashion confidence boost. They have firm ideas about what should be in a woman's wardrobe and waste no time in decluttering to make its contents work better for its owners.

Having consigned items from wardrobes to charity shop, they take their charge on a shopping mission to guide them back on the path to true fashion enlightenment – before pitching them four different outfits to wear to a specific occasion, two chosen by Eileen and two by Suzanne.

Not that anyone is keeping score… but each week the participant selects one of the outfits to wear and presents their new look to family and friends. Will it be Eileen's pick or Suzanne’s pick?

None of that really matters, of course. This show is full of fashion tips and hints but ultimately it’s all about the participants and their stories.

Watch The Style Counsellors on RTÉ One at 8:30pm on Tuesday, January 7th.