Do you struggle to find your personal "style"? Do you face your wardrobe each day, not knowing which print goes with what? Do you routinely envy the elegance and poise of Eileen the Style Queen, an 80-year-old fashion influencer? 

We've all been there. 

Clothes are one of the easiest and most fun tools we have to express ourselves, and while some of us are born with the style savviness of Victoria Beckham, others can't match a top to a skirt if our lives depended on it.

Worse than this, finding our own personal style is hard

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone: there's a brand new makeover show coming to RTÉ hosted by none other than Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me and Eileen Smith of beloved Instagram account @eileenstylequeen, that will help people from all walks of life who have lost their fashion mojo. 

Watch out, Trinny and Suzanna!

Hosted by two bona fide style mavens - one, the mogul behind a successful blog and brand, and the other one of the country's most cherished fashion influencers - the show will see Suzanne and Eileen guide those struggling with their style find their most authentic selves. 

"Maybe you've lost your fashion mojo, maybe you don't know how to dress for your shape anymore, or maybe you've a big event coming up", Suzanne says in the promo. 

As two women coming from opposite ends of the spectrum but united in their love of beauty and clothes, Suzanne and Eileen will bring their own shopping and dressing tips to the table, sharing their keen eye for timeless style. 

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