When it comes to elegant, casual dressing with plenty of personality, no one does it better than Holly Willoughby. 

The This Morning presenter has amassed legions of fashion-forward followers who covet every outfit the star wears on the breakfast show. Her fashion sense is so well-respected, in fact, that the hashtag #hwstyle is a dedicated community in its own right, with Holly updating followers every morning with all the details of her outfits. 

While we love her for her floral dresses, flirty skirts and the odd ball gown when she's hitting the red carpet, we're particularly impressed with how she pulls off monochrome looks, or dressing in all one colour.

Easy for some, baffling for others, monochrome dressing is the quickest route to looking polished and elegant with barely any effort. 

Here are the style tips we've learned from Holly and her tonal looks. 

1. Shade
When it comes to monochrome dressing, the shade you're working in is most of the battle. Choosing a colour that flatters your skintone, brightens your complexion or contrasts well with your colouring will instantly make you look like you belong in the front row of London Fashion Week. 

Holly is a fan of all white or cream outfits, which make her look even more radiant with her glowy tan and bright blonde hair. Carrying the same colour from head to toe creates a streamlined look that can be changed up depending on what you're wearing. 

If going for just white or just blue feels strange for you, you could opt for a more tonal look, mixing and matching subtle shades of the same colour for something chic, effortless and instantly stylish, like Holly's caramel ensemble. 

2. Pattern 
Wearing just one colour can seem boring, so adding a touch of pattern - be it subtle or more extravagant - can bring some personality to your outfit. Pairing a lightly patterned skirt, such as Holly's lavender woven one, with a simple jumper in the same shade can take you from the office to dinner with the girls. 

Making sure you match the shades as well as possible means you can add louder, more expressive patterns while still looking elegant and understated. We especially loved Holly's pale pink tartan skirt, paired with a stunning short sleeved jumper.

3. Texture 
When wearing just one shade, texture becomes all important, and nowhere is this more clear than with all-black ensembles. Avoid looking like you're going to a funeral by adding ruffles, sequins, gathered materials or flowing silks. Holly proves this perfectly in her matching black ruffled top and trouser suit. 

Leave it to Holly to reimagine the "Canadian tuxedo" - or denim on denim - as a glamorous and flirty outfit, pairing a denim shirt with a denim skirt, striped with seams that elongate and lengthen. 

Or adding some differing textures like leather can jazz up a monochrome outfit, the contrast of colours and finishes working almost like an accessory.