Like so many of us, actor Ashley Benson has got a serious case of itchy feet at the end of summer and felt the urge to mix up her look.

And what better way to herald in a new season than a fresh haircut? With the help of hairstylist Marc Mena, Benson has gone for a lob – a long bob. The look is what Mena calls a "clavicle bob" – short enough to be called a bob, but long enough to graze your collarbone.

It’s not the shortest or wildest of haircuts, but it certainly is a dramatic change from the long blonde locks we’re used to seeing on Benson, here:

Naming this look the "clavicle bob" is new, but a bit of Instagram digging shows celebrities have slowly been adopting a similar haircut over the past few months.

Back in June actor Rose Byrne went for a complete beauty overhaul, dying her hair platinum blonde and cutting it to her collarbone. Byrne shows how this look can be pulled off with ultra-sleek hair.

And even further back in March, Julia Roberts went for the chop as well. Her haircut could definitely have been a source of inspiration for Benson’s stylist; it’s artfully tousled, comes down to the clavicle and slightly graduates up at the back.

It’s not even a new style of haircut in general – and it’s at this point we have to shout out to the real OG of the clavicle bob: Alexa Chung. For years she’s made a strong case for a slightly curly lob which is both relaxed and chic at the same time.

Other celebrity proponents of the look include Taylor Swift, who goes for a shaggy cut complete with bangs…

…and Jenna Dewan, who keeps hers cute and curly.

Now summer is reaching its end, a lot of us are searching for a way to mix up our look – and no, for the millionth time, don’t be tempted to get bangs.

A lob is dramatic enough of a cut to feel like a fresh start in time for back-to-school season, but it’s not so severe that you’ll feel cold when the inevitable winds start blowing.

As it comes down to your collarbone, by the time we get to winter your hair will have grown out so you can really protect yourself against the elements – because few things are better than long hair during cold weather.