Irish weather is weird, there are no two ways about it. One minute you're slathering on suncream and rummaging for your sunglasses, the next you're running for cover under a bus stop as the heavens open.

That awkward time between seasons is especially tricky - it's a bit too chilly to be going out without a jacket but it's somehow still humid enough to not need your Winter coat.

Thankfully, our wardrobe dilemmas have been answered by Clémentine MacNeice. The celebrity stylist has combed the high street looking for the perfect trench coat, a staple piece that has no plans of ever going out of fashion. Find out how to style it three ways in the video above.

Speaking to RTÉ LifeStyle, the stylist - who has shopped for a number of high profile personalities - explained what she loves about this particular piece and where we can shop the look.

"Everyone knows the iconic Burberry trench, I don't think it's ever gone out of fashion," she said. "There's never been a season where you couldn't get away with getting a trench coat, it's so classic. I think everyone should have one, particularly for transitional times between seasons."

"You can style it so many ways. Wear it with knit jumpers when the weather gets colder or wear it with a t-shirt in Spring. It's a must-have," she continued.

As for where to shop the look, Clém says: "Marks and Spencers do a good trench coat, the Autograph collection is a little pricier but the quality is brilliant. Reiss are always good for coats, and Arnotts have some nice coats in at the moment."

Capsule Style Challenge
For more fashion entertainment, tune into the RTÉ Player's new original series Capsule Style Challenge. In each episode, two best friends are dropped into a custom wardrobe - stocked by Clémentine - to style a look for each other, based around one capsule wardrobe must-have. 

While one friend chooses an outfit, the other must watch from backstage, reacting with alternating amusement and horror...  until it's their chance to turn the tables. 

With a cast including Roz Purcell, Niamh Cullen, Rosie Connolly, and Lorna Weightman, there's plenty of banter, laughs and sartorial sass. 

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