Summer may still be in full swing, but the fashion world moves fast and now all eyes are on autumn, with swimwear relegated to clearance and the first new season drops landing in stores – it won’t be long until shop window mannequins are clad in fuzzy coats and chunky boots.

So what’s in store for AW19? Etsy has just released its ‘style trend guide’ for the season, which reveals the clothing, jewellery and accessories that are heating up on the website that specialises in handmade and vintage items.

By looking at search terms that have increased the most in the last three months (compared to the same period last year), we can glean what tastemakers are investing in now before it hits the mainstream.

"This year, maximalism has taken centre stage and our wardrobes are no exception," says Dayna Isom-Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert. "Shoppers are tossing out muted looks and swapping in over-the-top pieces, like bold brooches and statement-making hair accessories."

Here, she talks us through seven trends that are set to go global this autumn…

1. Pearl earrings
Nope, we’re not talking about the kind of delicate pearl studs your granny wears. Modern pearl jewellery is big, bold and in your face.

"With both pearls and hoop earrings showing up everywhere this year, it’s no surprise that the freshest jewellery trend combines both styles for the ultimate autumn look," Isom-Johnson says, with searches for ‘pearl hoops’ up 226% on Etsy over the last three months.

2. Hair accessories
"We first saw the return of 90’s-inspired hair accessories with scrunchies, and now the trend is evolving to include updated versions of hair clips, headbands, and hairpins that offer colourful florals, sparkling crystals, and interesting textures," Isom-Johnson explains.

There have been more than 1.8 million searches for headbands in the last three months, and pearls are trending here too, with searches for pearl hairpins and clips both up more than 30%.

3. Silk scarves
Another retro trend that’s making a comeback, silk scarves are being used by fashionistas to give their outfit a unique edge, with searches up by almost 30%.

"Whether worn as a necktie, belt, headband, or other variation, this vintage-inspired trend is quickly becoming a style staple," Isom-Johnson says.

4. Suits
The tailoring trend that’s been huge in 2019 show no sign of slowing down for autumn, with searches spiking by 17% in the last three months.

Isom-Johnson says: "No longer reserved for the office, suit sets are showing up anywhere and everywhere, in styles ranging from feminine to masculine (hello again, shoulder pads), and handmade to vintage."

5. Men’s jewellery
"For the first time ever, we’re revealing the latest jewellery trends for men," Isom-Johnson says, noting a 7% rise in searches for men’s vintage rings and 5% for men’s necklaces.

"It’s safe to say that guys want more than just the traditional watch this season."

6. Brooches
"While previously associated with grandmothers, we’re predicting that brooches will be making a major comeback for shoppers of all ages," Isom-Johnson says, as searches have started to creep up by 4% in the last three months.

With the maximalism mood taking over, trendsetters will be showing off big brooches rather tiny delicate pins.

7. Charm bracelets
If you’re anything like us, as a child you obsessively collected tiny silver trinkets to add to your charm bracelet, then grew up and forgot about it completely.

Now, fashionistas are adorning their wrists once more, but with a modern update.

"Charm bracelets are getting a grown-up revamp, with chunkier chains and elevated pendants," Isom-Johnson says, "making them a modern jewellery staple that every jewellery box should have."