Struggling to breathe in your work clothes? Boyfriend jeans a little too clingy? And what even is a weather-appropriate jacket in Ireland? 

These are the difficulties of wearing clothes - anything! - in summer, especially here where the weather changes as frequently as the clouds. Given the hotter days we've been having, the struggle might be feeling a little too real, so it's time to turn to that free source of fashion inspiration: Instagram.

And we don't mean the sun-dappled accounts of Victoria's Secret models like Bella Hadid or stars like Beyonce. If you're looking for actual style inspiration for hot, muggy days, it's street style you need. 

From the bustling streets of New York to the hazy avenues of Florence, seeing how different people style their summer looks is always an inspiration. 

1. Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist 

A revered figure in American and European fashion circles, and celebrated for his street style shots, Schuman's feed is a lesson in eternal style. His keen eye for classic silhouettes, unusual colour and texture combinations and that elusive quality, taste.

Think billowing satin dresses with vintage kitten heels, luxe draped shirts and soft fabrics and the many, many ways to wear a suit in summer. 

As he routinely travels for the major fashion shows of the year - including New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks and Pitti Uomo in Florence - Schuman offers immediate glimpses into what people are wearing right now all around the world. 

Even better, he photographs as many men as women, and thanks to his love of boundary-pushing fashion, you'll find yourself getting as much inspiration from both, no matter your gender!

Follow for: contemporary takes on classic shapes, fresh colours and effortless glamour. 

2. Tara Stewart

The DJ, radio presenter and neon advocate is one of our favourite style mavens for many reasons, not least her commitment to sustainable fashion and reworking outfits. Whether she's trialling Fenty's white eyeliner, or sharing how to repurpose a 1960s maxi skirt into a festival two-piece, she's a walking, talking example of making fashion suit you - not the other way around.


Known for her devotion to bike shorts, you'll find her giving the trend ever more leases on life, pairing a hot pink pair with a lime green blazer for an instantly fresh ensemble to run around town in. 

Most notable, however, is her unique ability to blend influences and styles, such as pairing a qipao or cheongsam gown plucked from a charity shop with an Adidas shell jacket. 

Follow for: sustainable fashion that focuses on fun, comfort and expression. 

3. Kevain D. Delpesche

A true street style photographer, as well as an editorial one, Kevain D. Delpesche focuses on the slightly left-of-centre in fashion, seeking out with his lens the quirky, whimsical, sexy and powerful on the streets of New York.

His subjects are mostly people he spots in the crowd, with photos capturing them at ease or flashing a bashful smile as they spot his camera. 

As so many styles are portrayed on his feed, the true theme here is owning your look, with all of his subjects fully embodying their personal styles. 

It helps that many New Yorkers are true fashion fiends. From mesh body suits paired with jogging trousers and satin slip dresses in tonal neutral shades, to peasant-style dresses paired with creepers and a simple white t-shirt and jeans, there is endless inspiration for how to keep cool and look cool. 

Follow for: Quirky outfits, wearable basics with an edge and dressing for your personality. 

4. Carin Olsson, Paris in Four Months

We take our panama hats off to anyone who could withstand the record-breaking heatwaves that recently hit parts of Europe, especially if they managed to look like anything other than a sweaty mess. So we take endless inspiration from Carin Olsson, a veteran when it comes to dressing for warmer climates and looking effortlessly put together. 

Notable for her minimalist style in fashion and beauty, you'll find Carin looking resplendent in floaty skirts, adorable mini dresses and billowing blouses in a range of soft, simple colours. Keeping the accessories simple lets the outfit speak for itself - and leaves you with less to fuss with while out and about. 

Her dreamy posts are argument enough that investing in some key summer dresses will take you far, be it a crisp white peasant-style number that can work as well for brunch as for dinner, or a sultry satin slip that can be toned down with a loose cardigan. 

Follow for: Romantic and simple outfits that can take you anywhere. 

5. Jessica Torres

For many plus size people, summer can be a dreaded time of the year, as pressure to have a "summer body" mounts to a fever pitch. Some can feel insecure choosing lighter, more revealing clothes, instead struggling on in hot weather while covering up. 

Jessica Torres, however, is a walking embodiment of the saying "if you have a body, you have a summer body", as her colourful, sassy and sultry outfit posts provide endless inspiration for summer looks. 

Whether it's a feminine, flowy gown in a delicate floral print, a chic crop top and blazer or a daring 70s-inspired summer evening dress with a deep v-neck, Jessica's feed is pure joy. 

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