Coachella kicks off this weekend (April 12-14, and 19-21), and while there’ll always be a special place in our hearts for Oxygen's iconic welly, raincoat, shorts, and crop top combo, Los Angeles is home to arguably the most fashionable festival on the planet.

Whether it’s the balmy summer climate, the fact everyone looks like a model, or the sheer number of street style photographers snapping the best-dressed gig-goers, the Coachella crowd really know how to nail a good festival look.

Being one of the earliest events in the festival calendar too, our LA pals set some of the fashion trends that will dominate later in the year. So what’s tipped to be hot?

While floral crowns, crochet tops and chokers once reigned supreme, it’s a good idea to dodge them this summer if you don’t want to look like a Coachella cliché. Global fashion search platform Lyst has just released its 2019 festival fashion report, which gives an insight into what stylish people across the globe have been scouring the web for recently.

Here’s what the Palm Springs crew will likely be rocking this weekend…

1. Janties... yep
Y/Project’s rather revealing denim panties raised eyebrows when they first went viral earlier this year. Love them or hate them, you’ll probably be seeing a heck of a lot more of them during the summer months – the report says a 2,250% increase in page views of the $445 short-knicker hybrid since mid-March. Yikes.

2. Ugly sandals
Once reserved for dads and hiking types, rolling on some thick socks with a pair of velcro sandals is now one of the most fashionable combos you can rock. The elusive Prada velcro sandals are the ones to lust after – the report says a new search for the ‘it’ shoe every seven minutes. 

3. Sport-inspired sunglasses 
Hot off the press: Futuristic, sport-inspired sunglasses will be the shades to be seen in this festival season. After Kim Kardashian launched her running-inspired sunglasses collection in collaboration with Carolina Lemke earlier this month, searches for sporty shades increased by 650% the following week.

3. Harness bags
Good news for forgetful people everywhere – Lyst predict that harness fashion will become even more popular this festival season, as searches for harness chest bags (the type that clip securely around the body) have risen 257% since March.

4. Neon biker shorts
Cycling shorts might not be the most forgiving of fashion trends, but they’re continuing to have a major moment this summer thanks to celebrity fans like Kylie Jenner. Lyst says the most viewed riffs on the look are neon, rainbow and romper styles. Not sure how to wear them? Just look to RTÉ's Tara Stewart for inspiration.

5. Sequin bikini tops
If you pack one thing for your summer festival, make it a sequin bikini. Sparkly bikini tops have generated 40% more page views since the beginning of March. If it's good enough for Elle Woods... 

6. Shimmery men’s jackets
All things sequinned are trending in men’s festival fashion right now too. A statement western jacket is the easiest way to cop the trend – this ASOS jacket with cut and sew sequins has had a108% increase in views in the last 14 days.

Festival season, we’re ready for you.