DWTS judge Loraine Barry spoke about how she is embracing sustainable luxury fashion and how it's in memory of her late dressmaker Sandra.

For us, Dancing With The Stars is as much about fashion as it is the dancing. We love seeing what high-street number Jennifer Zamparelli will be hosting in, what glorious costumes the celebs will be showing off and how many sequins judge Jules can fit on his fabulous jackets.

However, when it comes to fashion, it's important to think in the long term. Fast fashion is coming to an end as thrift shop steals and tailoring are growing in popularity.

Speaking to RTÉ Lifestyle, judge Loraine Barry said that this season's dresses have been revamped in tribute to her former dressmaker Sandra who passed away last year.

"Unfortunately, my dressmaker did pass away on the 25th of August last year. A huge shock to me because we worked together for 17 years. She was great for making dresses but also for changing dresses up.

"I decided this year, without her, that I would use a lot of the dresses that I had from her before and really re-glam them and change them about. I have a few new ones but I'm mostly doing it in memory of her but also for sustainability.

"I think it's really important. We think that we can't wear the dress more than once but this [the dress she is wearing in the video above] actually is an older dress. It's not old old but an older dress and I just changed it up and put the feathers on!"

Watch the video above to hear Loraine discuss her style icons and share her top style tips.