We are officially in the party season once again, but as days shorten it can be hard to pick up new products in time for parties, nevermind researching new makeup or skincare to try out! 

Fear not, as we've tested some of the newer offerings in the beauty market, with picks that will suit any age, any party and any season. 

La Vie est Belle L’Eclat, Lancôme
The elegant and luxurious style of the perfume bottle is mirrored in the fragrance. The most prominent ingredient is the orange blossom which gives the perfume a soft zesty scent when it’s first sprayed. As it settles the vanilla and sweeter tones become more prominent. The light floral and sweet nature of the perfume makes it suitable for daytime and night-time wear.

La Vie est Belle L’Eclat. Photo: Lancôme

Despite the distinctive smell when first sprayed it doesn’t seem to last all day and probably needs to be topped up as it wears off. Although the longevity may not be quite as good as other Lancôme perfumes, a spray or two is sufficient.

Overall, it’s a sophisticated and versatile perfume and despite the distinctive smell it isn’t overbearing and it continues to delight.

#Instashape – Tantouring double-ended brush and sponge.
The idea of having the 2 brushes combined into one makes for a neat resourceful utensil to carry in your handbag. The powder side of the brush with black syntethic hair is the better side and works very well with powders of different consistencies and textures. The sponge end of the brush is not quite as satisfactory.

The angled element of the brush is favourable for evenly spreading the makeup. Perhaps a buffer style brush would work more effectively on this end of the brush. But at just €6.80, its dual function makes it a great handbag asset or where you have a company space for carrying cosmetics.

Catrice - Slim Legs Body Contour Roller
The concept of a cosmetic appliance to allow for ease of contouring your legs seems very relevant and convenient, though not entirely necessary? The quality of the product doesn’t quite match up to its intent.

The button which releases the creamy contouring liquid onto the sponge can be quite unpredictable and it is difficult if not impossible to control the amount of liquid being projected onto the sponge. It is also rather difficult to evenly and neatly spread the contour liquid over the desired area.

It would possibly work more effectively for people highly skilled at the art of contouring with a clear understanding of the exact locations that require the contour. But for beginners, it isn’t so advantageous. 

Catrice Tantouring Face Gel Self-Tanning

Catrice Tantouring Face Gel Self-Tanning

The idea of having your face permanently contoured sounds time-saving and glamorous but this product doesn’t quite live up to its idealistic vision. It is firstly very hard to gauge how much of the product to use to achieve the desired shade of contour and also very challenging to limit the contour to the desired areas on the face.

Furthermore, while the finished contour looks fine under a full face of makeup, it looks rather ridiculous when makeup isn’t worn. I’d personally prefer to spend an extra 30 seconds manually applying contour to the desired areas while doing my makeup than to use this product.