Few films are as iconic as Clueless. Loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma, the 1995 film follows popular Beverly Hills high school student Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) as she tries to play matchmaker.

With snappy one-liners and a feel-good ending, it’s a cult favourite. Now, the rom-com is said to be getting a remake thanks to Paramount.

For now, details on the rumoured reboot are thin on the ground – we don’t know who will take on the role of Cher or when it will be set. However, what we can say with confidence is the original is a classic, so we really hope it’s done justice.

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One of the best things about the 1995 version was undoubtedly the fashion, from the outlandish hats to Cher’s instantly recognisable tartan two-piece. Not only did it kind of count as English Literature revision, it also taught us so many sartorial lessons…

1. Yellow matching tartan is always a good idea

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Few people know the importance of dressing sharply better than Cher. Nothing demonstrates that more than her yellow tartan number, which involved a blazer, miniskirt and cardigan. On paper, it sounds pretty horrible, but Silverstone made it work.

In fact, it’s become so iconic, rapper Iggy Azaelea wore a carbon copy of the ensemble in a music video inspired by Clueless, for her song Fancy.

2. Shopping helps all woes

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Not necessarily a sartorial lesson, but more for life in general – when Cher comes up against challenges in life, she truly knows the value of retail therapy.

3. Headbands are cool

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Your mum probably made you begrudgingly wear headbands in primary school to keep unkempt hair in check, and you wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing them any other time.

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That is, until you saw Cher and her best friend Dionne sporting various versions, proving the preppy look can be pretty cool.

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In fact, we’re thinking Cher could have inspired Prada’s latest show, which involved lots of oversized headbands.

4. You can never have too many hats

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We don’t know if we’re entirely sold on every hat in the movie – particularly Dionne’s black and white boxy situation with a red rose. However, it did teach us not to forget headgear – in fact, it actively encouraged experimentation.

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You might not always be able to pull off an OTT hat, but it’s worth a try. If in doubt, just go for a black beret like Cher.

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5. Alaïa is a totally important designer

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Clueless is responsible for introducing a whole new generation to Tunisian couture designer Azzedine Alaïa. In what now is probably the most quoted scene in the film, Cher is robbed and forced to the ground.

This is much to her despair because she’s wearing an Alaïa dress – which she explains is: "Like a totally important designer." And do you know what? She was right.

6. We all need an automatic wardrobe

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Clueless was truly ahead of its time, and we’re still lusting after Cher’s automatic wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want a computerised closet that picks out perfectly matching outfits and shows you what it would look like on?

7. Calvin Klein decides what makes a dress

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Not only should you be reverent of Alaïa, but also bow down to the wisdom of Calvin Klein. Even though Cher’s father isn’t convinced by her skimpy white dress, she’s confident it’s a full outfit – because Calvin Klein said so.

8. Matching with your friend is a must

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Cher and Dionne also kickstarted the twinning trend – kudos.

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