We attended the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in Dublin's Brown Thomas earlier this month where we spoke to Shelly Corkery and lifestyle blogger Pippa O'Connor about the trends everyone will be wearing in 2018.

After the show, we spoke with Irish Stylist Cathy O'Connor to find out exactly what we should be buying from the high street this season.  Watch the video above.

1. A Tailored Suit
"I think every season, you want to buy things that are really going to update your wardrobe. For this season I think a tailored trouser suit is really going to be kind of key."

2. A Floral Dress
"You can either get soft pastel colours or gorgeous, kind of, candy pinks as well. So, there's kind of a masculine tailoring thing going on as well. 

"A floral dress of whatever sorts, so you can either go for big botanicals or maybe sort of softer more vintage kind of prints as well."

3. A Spring Skirt
"I think, as well, it's a real season for skirts so we've got beautiful, pleated, kind of graphic skirts."

4. A Pair of Trousers
"A piece of graphic in your wardrobe. Do not buy any more black trousers, buy something that is going to update and be a game changer in your wardrobe."

When it comes to shopping for a tailored suit, Cathy recommends quality not quantity: "When it comes to tailoring, if you spend a bit more it [the suit] will just sit so much better".

As for the colour palette, the stylist says that pinks and blues are the way to go for Spring/Summer 2018.

"You can buy your trouser suit either in terms of a soft palette, in terms of baby pinks and blues or go for something a little bit more interesting which is candy pinks or stronger blues."