Rock ‘n Roll memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes but a stolen wedding veil is probably one of the more unusual pieces.

In the wake of Dolores O’Riordan’s sad passing at the age of 46, Áine Fitzgerald of the Limerick Leader chatted to Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1 about the huge loss and about a bit of youthful exuberance that left her clutching Dolores’ veil on her wedding day!

Apart from taking her place as a music legend, Áine sums Dolores up as a regular Limerick girl, albeit one with enormous talent.

"It was the divilment, the twinkle in the eye, the Limerick accent, all those things are what resonate with us today."

Áine then takes us back to a sunny summer’s day in 1994 when Limerick were in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final and Dolores O’Riordan was getting married, bringing a little slice of stardom to the locality. 13-year-old Áine was "in for a gawk" at Holy Cross Abbey, Co Tipp, where Dolores tied the knot,

"I always remember Dolores arriving on her own in a horse-drawn cart which was just amazing. Her outfit, I don’t think you could exactly call it a wedding dress, it was more of a wedding outfit! 

"She had the knee-high boots, lace tights…  and the bleach blond hair…  At the same time while she had all this rock star-esque feel about her she just gave off an aura that she was one of us as well, it was all a bit of a show."

"Just found part of Dolores O'Riordan's wedding veil that I have stored in a Benetton bag in a wardrobe in my parents' home for the past 23 years. RIPDolores #ATrueLimerickLegend"

Áine managed to get a leg-up from her sister and a peek into the church where she spied a glimpse of the ceremony but it’s what happened afterwards that left her holding a piece of Cranberries’ history.

Dolores and Don left the Abbey on the cart with the local youngsters running after them, Áine amongst them.

"Dolores, whatever move she made, she just kind of whooshed her veil backwards and I remember I just grabbed a piece of it and it just kept coming, the mesh kept coming into my hands and I ended up with a fist full of mesh at the end of it and I didn’t really know had I stolen her veil or what had I done!"

Áine had in fact stolen the bride’s veil and it has become one of her most prized possessions, one she says she would only part with if it would bring solace to Dolores’ mum Eileen or to her children.

"Away from all the glitz and glam, she was just a Limerick girl, a mum, a daughter, a sister. 

"A very down-to-earth, a very genuine girl… She did have her demons and who doesn’t I suppose and she had to face them in the public eye. It’s just really sad Ryan... I think for music and for Limerick."

To listen to that story in full on The Ryan Tubridy Show, click on the video above.